About Cenort

Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Tourism Development (CenORT) is non-governmental, independent and non-profitable organization with the aim of the scientific and professional research of the sustainable and responsible tourism development, education and arising the awareness about the importance of tourism, particulary rural tourism and ecotourism. Successful rural and ecotourism tourism development in Serbia has to be based on the connections with related European organizations, application of European criteria and standards and involvement into European promotional activities.


Tourism certification

Striving for the international standards implementation is very important for the application of the

eceat seoski turizam


ECEAT  (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism) is the leading European organisation in the



EuroGites - European Federation of Farm and Village Tourism offers the unique opportunity for a real rural holiday



First Serbian Rural Tourism Congress

The First Congress of Rural Tourism in Serbia, dedicated to “Multi-sector Partnerships as Basis for Rural Tourism Destination Creation”, was held in the city of Kragujevac on May 27th and 28th, 2010. The Congress was organised by the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and the Caritas Belgium. It was supported by the Ministry for


CenORT Became a Full Member of ECEAT (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism)

The Board of ECEAT International unanimously decided to accept the CenORT as a full member of the organisation at its meeting held on March 12th 2010 in Berlin.


CenORT Became Exclusive Partner of ECEAT International for Quality Standards Implementation in Serbia

The ECEAT International and the CenORT signed a contract on the right to label all tourism activities according to the ECEAT Quality Standards.